Signposts to sustainability

Identify strengths and weaknesses within your own business towards sustainability

We understand there is a lot of information contained within Sageguard and not everyone will know where to look first. That is why we have developed Signposts, an independent online quiz that will help you to prioritise where to begin

Signposts is designed to help farmers identify the current sustainability strengths and weakness without the hassle or expense of a formal assessment. The results will make you think about sustainability within your own business, directing you through to the appropriate material within Sageguard to develop your understanding and promote discussion around the subject

How to use

  1. Click on the banner above to enter the quiz, answer the questions, and click submit to generate your results
  2. When you reach the results page, your results will be organised under the indicator questions, as seen here. Click on the questions to be redirected to the correct page within Sageguard
  3. If you wish to download your results as a pdf please ensure to allow popups for this website before clicking the button
  4. Interpreting the results:
  • Red box: current practices suggest improvements could be made to enhance your sustainability, click on the indicator to be redirected to the correct information within Sageguard
  • Green box: current practices suggest you are already moving in the right direction, but you can still browse our resources to learn more about sustainability within this area
  • Red and Green box: further reading is recommended to help understand your performance within this indicator, click on the boxes to be directed to the right place within Sageguard to develop your own knowledge
  • Grey box: It is likely that this indicator is not currently applicable to your business. However, if you are interested in learning more about this particular indicator, please follow up within Sageguard